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      Address of General Manager:

      Small victory comes  from trick,Medium wins from Chile,Great  Victory  from moral!

      No  a  step,no  thousand miles,with no creeks, no river and sea!

      Win-win cooperation, Honesty is Fundamental  and  Benefit-sharing !

            Jining Guoneng mining machinery Co., Ltd., is advocating science development and environmental protection and energy conservation business philosophy, integrity-based, based on long-term development of the modern enterprise, the company always adhere to the "remarkable quality of market development, professional services to win customers," the same creed, whole-hearted Build community, customers, employees trust the brand enterprises, the company fully into the frequency energy-saving products, mining machinery (series crusher \ conveyor), building materials machinery (Doo-mentioned \ spiral-\-ball mushroom), and its non-standard products The production and sale of accessories, free technical advice, focused undertake various non-target mining machinery, building materials and mechanical design services! "Not so thin and light, not without a small amount of"! Jining States to Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. with full enthusiasm and the credibility of Tokujitsu, to provide you with quality products and satisfactory service!

            Years of wind and rain created a new business concept. In cooperation with your honesty, we also continue to grow, you will always be our mentor, we will always be the way forward! Credibility is operating in this market is showing a stage win-win situation is our common pursuit! In the future on the journey, we will be committed to the people and products, the harmony between man and nature reunification, and allows you to be happy in cooperation, cooperation in allows you to experience the convenience products! Also welcome your constant encouragement and flogging us in the new economic environment, has been made to the development and progress!

            Sincere good company of friends, to join hands in creating a harmonious better future!

                                                                                                          General   manager